As a custom software development shop every client engagement has its own unique path from project start to project finish.  But a typical engagement follows a general roadmap starting with the overall problem followed by selecting the optimal solution that leads to our client’s success.


This effort typically comes at no cost to our clients and is used to determine if Agentis can bring value to the project and to gather the information we need to provide a competitive proposal.

Gap Analysis.

We work with the client through the following questions.  What do we have?  What do we need?  What are our options to get there?

Buy versus build.

We explore potential off-the-shelf solutions and help the client determine if the best solution is to license an existing product or build a custom solution.

  • Functional specifications.  We form a design team with our client to identify the key functionality of the envisioned solution.
  • Non-functional Prototype.  We work through an iterative process with our clients to visualize the end product.
  • Technical Development.  We design, build, test, and deploy the software solution with frequent reviews allowing for mid-course corrections.
  • Ongoing Support.  We work with the client to determine ongoing support needs such as bug fixes and software enhancements. 
  • Identify solutions.  We identify viable solutions in the marketplace.
  • Analyze solutions.  We assist our clients analyze both the functional viability and the technical viability of potential products.
  • Select a solution.  We assist our clients select the best possible solution which meets the functional requirements with a technically sustainable product.
  • Negotiate the best deal.  We help our client negotiate the best possible terms for the desired solution.